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CAS 10049-08-8 chemical formula,CAS 10049-08-8 MSDS,CAS 10049-08-8 chemical properties

CAS Number 10049-08-8
chem name Ruthenium chloride
formula RuCl3
synonyms Dichlororutheniumchloride ((RuCl2)Cl) (7CI);Ruthenium chloride;Ruthenium(III) chloride;

CAS Number 10049-08-8 properties (MSDS)


Molecular Structure:

Molecular Formula: Cl3Ru
Molecular Weight: 207.4295
IUPAC Name: Ruthenium(3+) trichloride
Synonyms of Ruthenium chloride (CAS NO.10049-08-8): EINECS 233-167-5 ; Ruthenium trichloride ; Ruthenium chloride (RuCl3)
CAS NO: 10049-08-8
Classification Code: Mutation data
Melting point: 500 °C
Density: 3.11 g/mL at 25 °C
Water Solubility: INSOLUBLE
Sensitive: Hygroscopic
Merck: 14,8302
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with zinc. Protect from moisture.